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As an Educator, we understand that you value summer programs of high instructional quality for your students, but that you are also concerned with ensuring the program’s integrity and affordability. After all, if your student or their parents ask you for a recommendation on a great summer school program, you don’t want to suggest something out of line with their standards or means. We hope you’ll consider recommending JSA Summer School to your best students. Here’s why we think it’s both highly valuable and accessible:

JSA – A Unique, Enduring & Recognized Preparatory Education Organization

For 80 years the non-profit, non-partisan Junior Statesmen Foundation (JSA) has been a leading educator in preparing high-school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. To date, we support 500 local high school JSA Chapters across the country. These are student-run, and take place as an extracurricular activity. We also hold highly attended regional conventions for students and host special symposia surrounding key events such as national presidential elections. Our Summer Programs consist of five 3-4 day Summer Institutes held around the country, as well as five 3-4 week Summer School programs at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities. To date, we count an alumni network of over 500,000 strong from across the nation and around the world, including some of the most influential leaders in their communities, career fields, and the highest levels of the public and private sectors. JSA Summer School programs have been approved for over 20 years by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).


Outstanding Students From Diverse Backgrounds

We work with high school students at all levels – from Freshmen to Seniors. The students who participate in JSA programs come from all over the country, and around the world. They have diverse backgrounds and views, and come from different socio-economic strata. What they all have in common is that they are outstanding students, with high leadership potential. They are interested in the world around them, passionate in their desire to learn, and they are on a trajectory towards higher education at the college level.


Challenging, Stimulating, Supportive Environment

Our approach to supporting these students is to provide unique, challenging, interactive and highly supportive learning environments. We strive to provide the highest level of academic instruction, while integrating an array of enrichment activities that build values around leadership, preparedness and responsibility for life at the college level and beyond. We present students with opportunities to meet and interact with some of the most impactful leaders in the country, and we guide them on off-campus excursions to some of the most significant and historic sites in the country. The results of our approach are often quite profound and remarkable. Students realize their highest potential. They gain new levels of maturity, insight and confidence that empower them to succeed throughout their lives.


Economic Accessibility

Importantly, as we are a non-profit organization our objective is not related to making profits, nor are we aligned to any one particular college or university. As such, we strive to make our program economically accessible to all qualified students. Our tuition rates are generally lower than other comparable programs, we provide financial support via significant scholarships, and we support student fundraising activities. In short, if a student is qualified, and wants to attend a JSA Summer Program, we do everything we can to help them get there.


Recommending Your Students

As an educator, we hope that you will recommend your outstanding students for a JSA Summer Program. Many students who attend our programs do so because a teacher or counselor took a moment to let them or their parents know about JSA, or even submitted a recommendation directly to us, and we were able to work with the student and their parents to help them complete the application and attend. If you would like to nominate a student for a JSA Summer program, you may do so by clicking on the link below, or you may contact us directly. If you have any questions about the JSA organization or about our summer programs, please feel free to contact us below.

To nominate your outstanding students for a 2018 JSA Summer School Program:

Nominate Online by completing our brief online nomination form.  We will send an application kit directly to the nominated student(s).

Download a Nomination Form, fill out the requested information and mail or fax it back to JSA.  We will send an application kit directly to the nominated student(s).

Request an Application Kit.  If you prefer, you can simply fill out the student names along with your contact information on either the online or hard copy nomination form and we will send application kits back to you to distribute to your students.