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Thank you for taking the time to consider a JSA Summer School program for your child. As a parent, finding the best ways to support your child’s growth and development as they become young adults preparing for college and a life of greater independence and responsibility isn’t always easy. There are many pre-college summer school programs available, but we believe that when you compare programs, and what they really provide for your child’s success, you’ll discover that sending your child to a JSA Summer School program is the best choice you can make. Here’s why:

Academic Preparation

JSA goes beyond academics. Yes, our programs are academically very intensive. Students spend more hours in class at our programs than at almost any other we know of. And the instruction and course requirements are rigorous. They are college-level courses, taught by distinguished college professors, designed to prepare students for success at the next level of their academic careers. The JSA difference, however, is that we don’t stop at just academic preparation. We provide a more comprehensive program that integrates a range of other activities that build skills that empower young people to succeed throughout their lives.

Values & Leadership For Life

At the core of JSA Summer School is a focus on showing young people how to engage with others positively and productively within a modern democratic society. We demonstrate the values, virtues and challenges of American democracy to the students at our summer programs. We do this by including unique enrichment activities into the program itself – holding debates, expressing opinions, building consensus, casting votes, meeting with high-impact leaders in government, taking guided excursions to the most significant sites in our democracy. Students at JSA don’t just learn about how the American democratic system works, they live it, and learn how to lead within it. This understanding, combined with the values and success skills delivered, takes students far beyond just college prep. It transforms them into conscientious, active, responsible, mature leaders for their entire lives, no matter what career they pursue. No other summer program offers your child this kind of transformative experience.

World Class Environment & Experience

JSA Summer School programs provide an environment like no other. We offer five world-class university campuses to choose from, and our courses are all taught by active college professors, who often spend time supporting student learning outside of the classroom during office hours or during mealtime conversations. Our Speakers Program is unmatched, providing students access to some of the most influential leaders in America today, and our offsite excursions go to important centers of leadership. Importantly, the environment is one of tolerance for diverse views, and students are encouraged to express themselves within inclusive and open forums where ideas are shared and discussed with civility and respect.

Economically Accessible

Finally, because JSA is a non-profit organization, we work hard to make the program economically accessible to as many students as possible. A recent review of 2014 pre-college summer program tuition levels showed that our tuition rates are on average about 20% lower than many other programs of similar high stature. We also offer significant scholarships to students who qualify and we support students in fundraising activities. Last year JSA Summer School students broke all previous records by collectively raising over $250,000 for their tuition costs, thus dramatically reducing out of pocket costs to their parents.


We truly look forward to working with your child this summer. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss any aspect of our programs.