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Program Staff

Summer Programs Administrator – Djibril Anthony

Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator – Felice Judkins


Campus Director – Dan Hess

Deputy Campus Director – Tracy Getselman


Campus Director – Stuart Luther

Deputy Campus Director – Beth Hager


Campus Director – Stephen Bayne

Deputy Campus Director – Yvonne England

Speakers Program:

Speakers Program Director – Elizabeth Ventura

Speakers Program Assistant Director – Ariana Rosenthal

The hallmark of the JSA faculty is dedication to learning. Experts in their field, professors live on campus and form close working relationships with students. Because of limited class sizes and the residential nature of the program, they are able to provide academic guidance both in and out of the classroom.


The professors at JSA Summer School are recruited from universities around the world and thrive on classroom teaching. Small classes foster intellectual inquiry and the role of professors as mentors. Through lectures, class discussion and group activities, they help students explore the ins and outs of politics and debate. Students gain the research, study and time management skills that are essential for success at top universities.


Resident Advisors are alumni of the program who have a unique role that bridges the academic and social aspects of Summer School. Living in the dorms, they meet with participants each evening and provide supervision and guidance 24 hours a day. They also organize weekly recreational activities, including dances, off-campus trips, a Talent Show and 4th of July festivities.