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Leadership, Confidence & Preparedness

As a student attending JSA Summer School, you develop unique skills and know-how that prepare you for success in college and beyond. Unlike other pre-college programs, JSA Summer School programs integrate college-level academics with a mix of engaging enrichment activities designed to build your success skills – emphasizing leadership, confidence and preparedness to take on challenges no matter what college, career or life path you choose.

Expression & Experience

You participate in dynamic learning exercises, and engage with others in forums designed to allow you to express yourself and hone your abilities in critical areas such as negotiation, debate, and communication; and you visit inspiring, historical, high-impact sites where decision-making and leadership take place.

Access, Insights & Achievement

You gain access to dynamic personalities and thought leaders who make an impact on the national and international stage, and you receive instruction and tutelage from experienced university professors and attentive program staff, all within environments that foster the highest intellectual and academic achievement as well as tolerance for diverse beliefs and opinions.

Campus, Camaraderie & Community

JSA offers you five world-class university campuses to choose from, and a student body that is diverse, smart and fun. Our students come from all parts of the nation and around the world, and lifetime friendships are made every summer. Beyond the camaraderie with your immediate classmates, the JSA community counts over 500,000 alumni who are successful, supportive, and well-connected across numerous professions from law to finance, engineering, education, medicine, politics, even sports.


Come to JSA Summer School this summer, there simply isn’t a better choice you can make for your development and growth. We can’t wait to work with you