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Fast Facts


Tuition for the program is $5,350, which includes room and board (three weeks of housing and three meals per day at the campus cafeteria), transportation during speakers days, and all textbooks needed for the course, and costs of administering the program.

Program Dates

The program runs from Sunday, July 9th to Sunday, July 30th.

Student Eligibility

Students are entering ninth grade in fall 2017 or expected to graduate in 2021 are eligible to attend.

Princeton is one of America’s legendary Ivy League universities. Chartered in 1746, Princeton has been committed to the highest standards in education since before the Revolutionary War. This storied university and its magnificent campus are rich in revolutionary history, bringing the study of American government to life.


Students attending JSA Summer School at Princeton also have the opportunity to visit historic monuments and sites of modern power in New York City and Philadelphia, including the United Nations and Wall Street. This dynamic combines a prestigious academic institution with global institutions, making the JSA Summer School at Princeton a powerful, multi-dimensional, and truly unforgettable learning experience.


With a smaller student body, this program fosters a close-knit, supportive and intellectual environment for the exploration of political leadership. This program brings together academically talented students from across the country who are looking for a challenging and enriching summer experience. If you’re ready to experience campus life and dive into an advanced study of U.S. government, JSA Freshman Scholars program at Princeton University is the ideal program for you.