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Tuition Scholarships are Available for JSA Summer Programs

If you are a qualified student who is facing a barrier to attending a JSA Summer Program, we can help you with tuition costs.

Each year JSA awards more than $750,000 in scholarship funding for our summer school programs. Awards are based on financial need, academic excellence, demonstrated leadership abilities, and evidence that an applicant is highly motivated to attend the program. Scholarship awards range from partial scholarships to full tuition scholarships based on grant eligibility.

If applying for a scholarship, please be sure to submit your scholarship form with your application to expedite its processing. You can upload your scholarship form by logging in to your MyJSA account and clicking the appropriate link in the Next Steps tab. By filling out just one application, students are automatically evaluated for all of the special funds available. Scholarships are available for the JSA Summer School at Princeton, at Stanford, and at Georgetown.

Don’t miss out on consideration for a JSA Summer School tuition scholarship!

Our Scholarship Committee will begin reviewing 2018 Scholarship Applications in January. The Committee will meet weekly to discuss applications and award deserving students.

Applicants must be accepted into a Summer School program to be considered for a Scholarship.